Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Women in Heels

Atletas con zapatos de tacón | euronews, no comment

Watch this video of women racing in high heels in some race in Russia.

I am not gonna be all feminist-paranoid , but only the thought that women should wear something that hurts them and significantly misshapes their backbone to be considered beautiful and elegant ,,, it is a sad thought. 


AseelRaheem said...

Chinese tortured women with tiny shoes because to them really tiny feet was something sexy.. Have you ever seen those shoes they had to wear? anyway, years and years later and after generations of women with deformed feet, the Chinese culture realized that this was a bad thing and they banned it..

Hopefully years from now the international community will admit that really high heels causes a lot of damage and define a standard acceptable height.

EvaLuna said...

You know what is annoying? that in each historical phase there is a concept of "What a hot woman should look like", and this concept is always conducted,modified and approved by men! gaaaaaaah annoying