Friday, July 6, 2012

The New Track

Today I performed the placement test of JMI  (Jordan Media Institute) . The exam had 5 or 6 sections, General Information, Editing , Arabic , Computer Literacy and something weird about the ethics of journalism (how the hell would I ever know that If I were not a journalist already?) But all in all I did really great and I felt appreciated for the hard work I have done through out my entire life (you know , all the nerdness and the reading) , but -as always- I had to see the pathetic examples like a girl who saw me reading a book and she asked me: Is this for the exam? and I was like: This is a placement test, it tests your freaking LEVEL it does not have an ''included material". 

Those people always astonish with me their confidence. You know, this is ''Higher Education'' , it is Ok if you dont do a higher education program, yet they have the guts to come and apply and wish that there will be a material to be memorised just like school and BA! 

Now, how do I see the whole situation?
I dont like the place at all, it is literally at the end of the world, this is why it is close to Sara's house - I had lunch in her house afterwards- , the coffee is so bad! and it is so clean , just like Mecca Mall and all the freaky places of west Amman. I am not being final about the place nor the situation , but I am just saying that I am not excited yet and I am not in a rush.

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