Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mediocre People: Get a life please

I am officially sick of those people popping up everywhere in life. I put up with them in school , in university and now as I applied to the Media master program ,they insist on showing up there too!

I have been through a really long exam , 6 exams in 5 hours to be more accurate, questions that had a lot to do with the "freaking knowledge" that you have acquired  throughout your entire freaking life. (not something that anyone with mediocre knowledge would simply be able to answer)

Today I got a call that I have passed the written exam and they shall assign a date for my personal interview. I was flattered for a moment, I thought to myself: "120 people applied for the exam, many of them are actual journalists, and most of the others are way older than me, yet I was accepted which is great and means that in spite of my little age and little experience but I am good enough".

But that was taken away after a few hours when a girl that I know called. She was the only person whom I knew in the exam day, I have known her for a while in the university , and she is just "one of those girls" who go to university to get a diploma so they can get a good husband. She is simple, the type that never sticks in the memory, nowhere near smart - ok , nowhere is a harsh word, maybe dull? - and she got accepted too!!

Each time I think that those unmotivated people are gonna disappear from my track they just appear again.
It is nothing personal, but they have always been the stick in the wheel of everything. If you dont like Spanish why study it? If you dont like reading an extra book why wine about it? If you dont like thinking one extra thought than your daily basic needs why bother make conversations with people? Just go to a dark corner in the world and stay there. And most things in life are that unprofessional that those people still get through and keep ruining it for the ones who care.

Not Fair at all!

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