Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Friend

I dont know what shall I write about him. It is just that I have not physically seen him in two years and I did not miss him, now that I saw him and he left again I feel somehow lost inside my own chest. Now I know that I will miss him again and his presence through writing wont seem enough.

Ever since I came back from out short re-encounter I have been thinking: why is it that those who are most significant are the ones who are supposed to leave us behind?

We passed infront of our old office and we sighed. I want those days back, when we could be together everyday Physically and we had the chance to talk until the words evaporate into deep yet comfortable silence.

I have missed Najeeb so much, that I cant believe that a socially retarded person as myself actually has a true friend like this one. 

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