Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tarbye Watanyye: That was something!

Today I finished Tarbye Watanyye course. The exam was good, especially after I spent some time collecting questions while waiting outside of the building.

I enjoyed this course to the max, and although my classmates were always bored and wiling to leave , I enjoyed every minute , every word and I made a lot of questions - it was kinda funny that whenever the teacher asks if anyone has questions then my hand would automatically pop in the air- they thought that I was a nerd , but that was not the case.

I always had the feeling that we as Jordanians we had a misshaped image of our own country, or an interior image picturing Jordan as the best place in the entire world , or and exterior image - sometimes from our arab brothers and somtimes from some jordanians- that Jordan is a tiny insignificant country.

So in this course I had the chance to hear a balanced point of view , a balanced discourse showing the advantages and disadvantages of Jordan as subjectively as possible. I learned how hard the jordanian situation is and how many challenges this country had to go through to keep on existing and defending what it believes in.

I am glad that I dropped the course the first time and had the chance to study it again ,,, it turned out perfect and lets just forget about the other 76 students in the class who never said anything unless their name is called while calling the roll.

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