Monday, August 23, 2010

Non-automatic Countdown: Back on the Track

Today Dad teased me a little , he said he went to the embassy and there was nothing ready for me and that I might not get my visa until after the first day of September ,,, I freaked out - well I did not , I was just mad at the people of the embassy and the European delegation who gave up on me- but then he said that they accepted my petition and they just want that stupid fake airline booking and so they can stick the visa sticker on my passport and get this over with.

I was hugging my Dad ,, feeling that special type of tenderness that my Dad awakes in my heart .. and then I started throwing my clothes out the closets and for a moment I cried!!

I cried ,,, Jordan hurts me ,,, I did not feel this way that time ,, I wonder who de people lie with such feelings for more than ten minutes!! Hoe did Palestinians and Native Americans feel when they HAD to leave their homes!!I am mainly leaving Jordan to go see the Nou Camp football field in Barcelona and I am actually feeling homesick already!!

Anyway ,,,
The Non-automatic countdown is back ,, I am leaving on Sunday enshalla
we have 6 days to go !!!!!

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