Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I miss Karak

I feel like taking the first bus and going to Karak ...
I did this kind of things in Spain , taking the first buses and going to wild destinations but here i did not ,,,
Now I feel that there is something in Karak calling my name ,,, not the green spots of Karak but the yellowest parts of the dessert, where there are few houses and few electricity poles and wires with few birds on them.
I want to look and think about Jordan that lays infront of me , behind of me and all around me ,,, Jordan filling my entire senses...

When I googled Karak looking for a picture for this post and there was the traditional Karak Castle picture , which I truly admire but still dont feel that it represents the idea about Karak inside my head.

But I found this amazing picture taken by the eye of a true lover ,,, to whoever it belongs: Thanks!

Here are the only two spots I visited in Karak - visited specifically - ... The tombs of the three martyrs of the battle of Moota : Sayyedna Zaid Ben Haritha , Sayyedna JAafar Ben Ani Taleb and Sayyedna Abdalah Ben Rawaha may God be pleased with them (Radi allah 3anhom o ardahom) ... I lately heard that Dr.Khaled Al Karaki gave those three names to his triplet sons (wow!! I want to do that too!!) ....
I visited the Makam with school when we finished Tawjihi and it was a special treat from the city of Karak to be that close from those amazing true muslims.

And I remember when I was ten years old and came to my uncles graduation in Moota University ,,, He was - and still is - my favorite uncle and I held the flowers for him from Amman to Karak and although the Tarawne fans turned the graduation into a scandalous noise , but I was so happy to see him with his graduation gown - that was an original pure moment of happiness , I was proud and happy - and I enjoyed eating mashawi in a forgotten resturant by the dessert highway ...
I miss Karak ,, I miss Rakeen ,, I miss El gatraneh ,, I miss el Rabwe ,, everywhere ,,,

Why do I so badly miss Jordan NOW!!!

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