Friday, August 20, 2010

Casa Cueva: Long Story Short for technical reasons

Blogger was broken for several days meanwhile I was having a true crush on a house in Granada. But until things were sorted out with Blogger , things ended with the house.

It was a cave house in Albayzin in th heart of Granada and a 9 minutes walk to the center , for 200 euros that include everything (water , electricity and comunidad) , I sent many many messages to my room mate to be, and we just clicked!! She is totally my type , artist , open minded , interesting and there are many things that she can add to me as a person and as a writer (exactly what I was looking for).

I was worried that the house did not have windows and that we had to pass through each others rooms to get from a point to another, because this is how cave houses are , a room leads to the other ,,,, there are no doors , only curtains and I was not sure that I can live with that.

I showed the pictures to both my parents , Dad said it looks good , as its cold in summer and worm in winter , but Mom said: there is something about it, I dont like it.
I had a feeling too , it kept growing until I prayed Estikhara and the next morning my room mate sent me telling that she had to let go of the house because the third room mate had to leave Granada to Alicante!!

I loved it in a way but it concerned me and so you do ,,, you

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