Saturday, August 7, 2010

A cousin 20 days earlier than expected: Ahmad :)

Yesterday I suddenly had a new cousin!!

His mom was supposed to have him in a month from now , but he suddenly decided to come and he came!!
I love this boy already he makes decisions and everything :)

Thats him , almost 14 hours old

These are pictures of paintings put on the walls of the hospital where he was born, its a missionary hospital that reminds me so much of my first school -actually its the same missionary- Rosary Sisters ,,,, God those days were perfect ,,,, and the paintings are just amazing
And this is us piled in the room by Aunt Kawthar talking until 12 am heheheh ,,, she was in a good shape and she was so thrilled about her third boy as much as she was thrilled about the first two ,,, God bless him , may he be a good son and obedient to God :)

Welcome on board Ahmad :)

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