Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Good bye Iftar: An original moment

Today my friends gathered in my house for a last Iftar so we can say good bye before I leave on Sunday.
Well , it was beyond words , we did the usual of eating dancing singing shouting making fun of each other and fighting about how are we gonna get home. But this time it was so special ,,, It was my house that felt so comfortable having them - all of them- around.
They are a family with all its warmth and with no formalities at all ,,, they were filling there dishes with food and then cleaning their plates and cups and moving around the place as air breezes.
And there were the hugs and the good byes and the last words ,,, It was not dramatic but so warm ,, so close so pure and true ,,, we laughed a lot and although I am leaving them for an entire year in which they are graduating , but true things do not necessarily require a common place as the university ,,, we just belong together and I hope the days will prove me true ...

Kelly is such a great person whom I will truly miss , the food was great , Mom arranged the music and the dancing and of course the video , it was pure happiness and laughter that I will always hold dear.

Sara , Mays , Aliet , Rasha , Rasha , Rasha -areed on the phone- Hadeel , Malak , Zeina , Ruba and Maymonah I am blessed to have you in my life ,,,

I remembered Sadoof , and I wished she was there ,,, Hope

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