Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can he be anymore charming?

This video got me thinking too.
First of all the way in which a person reacts to teasing and irritating really defines him as a person and shows a part of his charm as an individual. I should learn that, when I am irritated I lose , I get mad and I lose track of my own ideas.
Second: Haleem is just amazing ,, charming ,, wonderful and legendary
Third: When a person is ''committing'' an artistic act then he/she is in a very vulnerable position,,the moment in which Haleem lefts his head up and closes his eyes and says very pure, touching and delicate words then he is sharing a part of his existence with the world. Receiving a negative remark in this exact moment can kill something inside an artist soul.
We rarely appreciate this exact detail in the work of artists,, we love them because we do , but for me I love Haleem because he did not mind looking vulnerable and touched in front of a giant audience and so he is still listened to , watched and loved after many many years of his death.

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