Saturday, March 12, 2011

A total freak out for one long hour

When I first came to this apartment I thought: Oh my God!! This is just perfect , we cant possibly fight over anything , the girls are very good friends and they are so nice! But then there came the dog!!!! Where the hell would I come up with such a possibility?!!

So today I was checking my facebook from my refugee house - the house of my jordanian friends- and Alicia wrote: Blade -the dogs name- you will always be with me ... and I freaaaaaaked out , that I started looking at ads of empty rooms , then I sent her a message , I asked if blade is really coming to live with us ... I was sad , miserable during an hour or something , because I loved the house and the girls and I felt bad for losing for a dog ,,

Then her answer came : Its just an expression Takwaaaaaaa ,,,,


I love my Piso ,,, Alhamdulillah I dont have to go :))))))))))))))))

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