Monday, March 28, 2011

Semana Santa ,, a life time experience

I love this song .... Diana Navarro has the most angelic voice I have ever heard and she sings this hymn with soooo much faith that it touches me ...

The thing is Easter - which is Semana santa in Spanish - is one of the biggest holidays in the world , the best in Spain and above all: the best in Andalucia.

I have heard from many people that semana santa in Granada , Sevilla and Malaga are the bestttttttttttt ,,, they take out the statues of Virgins and Jesus and they walk in the streets with music , prayers and a huge huge audience.

I am toooooooooo excited and eager for it to start, I want to see everything in Granada and spend a day Malaga because I heard my friends talking about a ''procesion'' done by military members in which they hold the statue with their arms totally streched above their heads during 4 or 5 hours!!! ,,,,

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