Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taking the Road not Taken with the friend I won back

I have been running to a tiny town on the borders of Granada every know and then , to sit , read , and chill out. To get there I take a 30 minutes bus ride , and I have always noticed an unpaved path of sand that traverses the valley. So today I was just saying to Sadoof while we were in the bus that I would like to go on foot some day taking that path , so she said:Why some day? why not now? so we pressed the bus stop button and we got down.... we walked by the river side and kept climbing to where it starts ... the sand path ended after 4 kilometers , but afterwards there was a path formed by foot steps on the grass the plants ,,, we followed it for another 4 kilometers and there we found Cenes ....

It felt like we invented it!! Not that we only found it taking a different path! ...

It was a great feeling ,,, you know , being the lazy creature that I am ''walking to places'' is just a miracle for me ,,, when did I ever walk 8 kilometers for the sake of it? It was good to be there with Sadoof ,,, Again we are good friends and Alhamdullilah that black cloud has passed.

Those are some pictures I took on our way:

Taking this path reminded me of this amazing poem:
The road not taken
Enjoy :)
Robert Frost (1874–1963). Mountain Interval. 1920.
1. The Road Not Taken
TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 5
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same, 10
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back. 15
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 20

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Rain said...

So glad you're taking amazing photos again!el talteh wel rab3a bejanneno!
and even more glad about you and Sadoof :DDDDD