Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan: Oh God Oh God Oh God

When I first heard about the erathquake in Japan I thought its one of the usual earthquakes that happen in Japan all the time and nobody really talks about. But when I started seeing the pictures coming from the coast of Japan it just hit me: It happened!!

I cant really express myself ... I have never been to Japan , but the 2 years I spent studying the language and participating in the japanese activities made me feel so in touch with the culture the people , and even the soil that I have never visited. Now what? Japan is brought down ,,, Its Gods well and nothing comes before his well , but it hurts to see the country we always admired in ruins ,,,,

Just the mere Idea that the axis of the entire planet moved 10 cm as a result of the earthquake is horrifying ,,,, it JAPAN ,, our JAPAN ,,, the one we loved while listening to Kiroro songs , watching ''Fireflies cemetery" and "5 cm per second" and as I read Memoirs of a Geisha and The Confessions of a Mask ,,,,

Remember when I used to post ''Daydreaming of Nipon" posts to release my stress? It was the happy place I would go to when I wanna comfort myself ,,, Now , its a lost paradise ,,, I dont know how hard it is , but I know that a third of my beloved Japan is not the same , and that the people we mostly admire are now laying under tons of debris waiting for their bodies to be discovered ,,,

I cant say more now ,,, but I feel terribley sad , not because I am sympathizing with the Japanese people , its because I feel my true part in this true big pain ,, after all we are a little bit Nihon-jin even if we are not THAT fluent.

God Bless you ...
God bless you
God Bless Japan

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