Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As Liberal as it gets

Today in class we were talking about direct objects and indirect objects in Spanish. So we had to connect slogans with products and then analyze the objects used in them.

There was a slogan that said -translated to English- : ''Wear it, Make him wear it''. We had to guess what type of production with that slogan go with and inside my head I was like: ''Would it be a condom?''!!! ... and so it was , my classmates (Italian guy, Chinese guy, German,Italian, Polish and French girls) started to laugh ,,, It was uncomfortable for a moment, but then it did not make sense, why are they laughing? are not they European and they are supposed to be way over those things?!

Anyway , our teacher said that this was a very well known slogan to an awareness campaign that was launched in the year 1990 to promote the use of condoms , to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

He also said that the campaign was so to controversy , people were mad , parents considered it insulting and provoking etc etc. and he said: I am gonna show you the ad -my mind froze for a moment ... a condom ad in class , and on a data show screen that covers the entire wall!!- but it was symbolic -Alhamdullilah- with nothing that would baldly hurt my feelings:

The conversation goes like this:
Teacher: we found this , and I wanna know who does it belong to
Boys and girls start standing up and saying: Its mine , Its mine.

I am not sure what exactly I wanna comment on this experience. But I was trying to imagine how did Spanish conservative families receive this. I even try to imagine , what if -in a far hypothetical context- a similar campaign is launched in Jordan!

You know what does it mean promoting the use of condoms? It means that sexual encounters are a given fact and the thing is we dont want you to get sick or get stuck with children. How would a society , any society , take that?

I know I sound so "conservative" and "so 1954" but how would a society be eased into the idea that marriage is no longer holy, and that a sacred thing as sex would be available for everybody anytime and for any possible reason they can come up with , even if it for the sake of it!!

Sometimes I try to convey this simple thought to my Spanish friends , but they end up laughing at me , that I am 21 and still virgin , and they get me thinking: When everybody does what is wrong , what is ''Right'' becomes weird.

(The definition of right and wrong is not fixed ,,, Oh Yeah Ok)

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