Thursday, March 10, 2011


It has been happening for the last few days ,,, I stopped feeling this way many years ago , it was a moment when I said: Thats is , this is a losers feeling and am not gonna allow it.

I am 21 , its tooooo early for me to be feeling this type of emptiness , I cant have things figured out now!! I just cant!! And when I look around I realize how hard is it for me to fill this void ... its too complicated but yet at the end of the day it bugs me!!!

Mmmm ,,, I dont know exactly what to say but lately I went back to having those ''moments'' , you know , when I am in the bus with a hundred other people but I feel like I am the only one who hears the song thats being played in the radio ... I am the only one who sees the funny people crossing the streets ,, and as I walk I think about a jovial idea and I laugh so I cover my mouth with my hand ,,,, I dont know , what is that?

I dont know If I had ever posted the picture above , but anyway It has an eternal charm , about two lovers who pass by each other and when they look back they have had already disappeared ...
This is the eternal picture of love in my mind ,,,, too sad?

Anyways , I think that this is a natural symptom that happens every year around the time Kazem Esaher releases his new album ,,,, I just listen to him and I get lost in the swirls of a world far far away from this one..

Did I ever talk about Kathem Esaher? He IS the one ,,, he is the one who formed the concept of love , manhood and ''deseo'' for me...

I can never talk enough about him ,,,, I just remember many many days of my childhood with the bends of his voice ,,, I remember myself a vicious impolite barefooted young girl sitting under a tree watching ants and animals ,,, the only thing that would stuff some feeling inside me was his voice,,,, when I was that little girl I used to cry for a vague reason when I listened to him ,,,

What would that thing be? What would make a 8 or 9 years old girl cry for undefined motives?
what is it with Kathem Esaher?
The biggest love of my entire life,,,,,

The song that I liked in my first look:

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