Tuesday, March 15, 2011

David Villa in a detergent ad , why?

Here is a detergent ad that's constantly repeated on Spanish Tv channels. David Villa is the ads star!!!

Usually detergent ads are boring , there is not a way in which they can change , look more appealing or have a different discourse ,,,, sometimes they make car ads or deodorant ads that make you think or smile , but with detergents its the same : A piece of cloth gets a spot of grease or dirt , somebody complains about it , then comes the super detergent that solves all problems.

So why David Villa? Really why? he is such a delight , such a magical face , that works for a shaving blade , a sexy deodorant , Addidas shoes or his own perfume line ...

Why why why

one of the many whys that Spanish Tvs plant in my head

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