Saturday, March 12, 2011

In my house: There is a DOG!!

Just one Big WOW .... You know when something happens around you and you cant just believe that you are in the middle of it?

Did I ever mention the ''Dog's Culture'' in Spain? Dogs are sacred, their owners love them and the entire world is there bathroom. They pee and shit everywhere , some people are nice enough to collect their dogs' shit afterwards and most people just leave the ''prize'' on the ground , and walking on the streets here makes you look down all the time to avoid an unpleasant incident.

Dogs are numerous, old people always walk with dogs , Hippis walk with 2, 3 , 4 dogs and they walk around WITHOUT a LEASH .. ALL OF THEM .... its horrific , but I just let it go , but today it was the biggest surprise of all : There is a dog in MY OWN house.

Its a long story that goes back in history . Alicia -my favourite flat mate- had a fiancé with whom she raised a 5 hours old puppy until he turned 4 years old , then she broke up with the fiancé and he got to keep the dog ,today the fiance was moving
houses and he needed somebody to take care of the dog for two days so he brought him to our house.

I tried to look but I was beyond disgusted ... seeing his saliva dripping on the floor and on the furniture was too much and when he tried to smell me I freaked out.

I always thought that maybe Islam was too hard on dogs, but with time , and with seeing dogs paws on the ground where I walk barefooted I got to imagine the quantity of dirt , shit , urine , germs and insects they can bring home.

I liked the dog , he is nice and everything but OUTSIDEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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