Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gran Herman: Some Nationally accepted CRAP!!

Ok ,,,,
So I sat with my flatmates to watch el Gran Hermano , a very popular Spanish Real TV show and this girl won the 12th season.

Look at the picture ,,, just look at the face of the faking bitch she is ,, look at the pouring feelings that fell the screen and make people WATCH EMOTIONALLY!!!!

I have never watched a reality Tv Show in my life but my flat mates told me that this is very popular in Spain , that everybody watches it and that everybody wanna know who is gonna win at the end .

And thats her !! the big foolish bitch who cries on screens , bigs people for compassion and votes , fornicates on a live camera and discards the opinion of her fiance who loved her for 6 years and bought the house for their matrimony and does not care about her disgraced father ,,, this is the type of person who leads the emotions of an entire nation ,,,, this is why this world is going to hell ,,,, yes , because the most stupid and the less given are leading ALL the others!!

This is how she looked when she won , when she jumped like a 5 year old girl and shouted non stop in the cheapest and least elegant way ,,,, What the hell is wrong with the world really!!!

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