Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Too Much Art is Too Much Pain - Part I

Today was ''one of those days''.

My friends and I attended the Oriental Music Concert presented by the teachers and students of the Faculty of Arts and design. Ahmad -my Oud Teacher- told us about, and we went to watch him and give him our support.

We walked all the way to the Faculty talking and laughing, specially as one of us -not gonna say who- was going to go there for the very first time after her break up with a guy who studies arts. She wanted to attend the concert and we all told her that she should not skip things that she likes just for the sake of avoiding him. (We were so extra extremely happy for her).

The concert was divided into two parts. The first one was pure music ,2 Ouds , a Cello , two violins and a percussionist. They had a great choice of pieces (I videotaped most of the things, I might upload them soon but I will have to ask first if I may or may not).

They played those pieces:

Ahmad performed alone. I could not see me, but I knew that my eyes were twinkling. He has a charm on stage Mashalla!! And -in a tricky way- I felt a bit proud because I would look at the audience and say: Oh, Ahmad? well he is my Teacher .... :evil smile:

I also saw Ahmad's Teacher, Tareq. (This would make him my musical Grandpa hehehe) only today, he played Cello , which is weird , because when you think of Tareq you immediately get the image of a Oud :)

The music was so astonishing (I still have not got the terminology to describe exactly what I heard) I just know that most if has touched my heart and I smiled as a child.

Meanwhile I was taking pictures I noticed the facial gestures of each player ,,, those are little beautiful words ... Obaida the violinist, her face was like: Ohhhhh I love Music ,,,, Ahmad's eyes were like that of a child unfolding a gift ,,, but Tareq was soooo professional , he kept his gestures straight.

There was a singing part ,,,,
Is it that I intentionally hate girls or they just sucked? Two guys presented two magnificent songs.
(Oh I really feel the urge to upload the videos!)

During the concert I was giggling with Nusaibah, Huda and Ali. He kept saying ''Allah'' along the show and I loved how serious he was as he said them ,,,, We were purely happy and we clapped so hard when Dr Ayman Tayseer presented Ahmad to the audience. Ahmad was so touched by our presence that when I met him later in the evening he delivered some great news (That I will mention when the moment comes)

This day has more and more in it but I will keep on writing tomorrow , now I need to sleeeep :p

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