Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Muslims Are Coming :p

A friend sent this to me today, she asked me about mu opinion in the way Muslims are portrayed and if what they said about themselves was fair to our belief.

I watched it a couple of times and I got to the conclusion that this is too smart!
I know that some of the content may not totally get along with the teachings of Islam, but it's a matter of marketing. You cant sell Islam as a whole package , because lets face it: Our teachings are so weird when compared to what the world is actually living.

Things like Hijab, not having pre-martial sex and not drinking are too weird for the western mentality and you cant ''make'' them understand those details , unless you are smart enough to make people listen to you first, understand the basics of their belief and then get to understand the application of belief in daily life.

There is no better way than comedy to make people hear you.

It has happened many times that I found MYSELF laughing at stand up comedians who were describing Islam as a terrorist belief and Muslims as born terrorists. But I was like: In spite of the truth, this shit is so funny!

So as they made me hear them ,now its muslims turn to present something appealing that would make people hear them too.

Way to go :) 

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