Sunday, April 8, 2012

Although it sounds so childish!

Grown ups are supposed to know a couple of things, things that are set by default under the category of "The Ugly Truth". For example: "Looks are more important than brains" ... Everyone is supposed to know that! and I thought that I knew that, but knowing is something and "being hit by reality" is a whole different thing.

I dont know why is it troubling me but something happened today in the deanship and I just fely puzzled , then mad , then sad. A guy was telling me his love story (that ended badly and sadly) and he said and I quote: She was so beautiful, so so beautiful , and warm hearted and maybe this is why I loved her, but when she called me for a one hour long phone call I used to get bored. She has no topics and no ideas ,,, she is shallow , but I loved her deeply.

Am I so so so unrealistic to not accept that? I know that shallow people are ''people'' after all and they deserve to be loved too, but I used to think that shallow people only attract each other.

Its getting dangerous! If beautiful shallow girls are gonna keep getting the smart guys, then who is left for me?

And yes , if you are wondering - dear reader- I consider myself from the other party: the non-shallow party. Why? Because, this is who I am. I can endure 60 minutes talking about some actual crap!


AseelRaheem said...

LOL! We all have seen that.. A guy falls for the stupid girl just because she is pretty. but who knows maybe that guy isnt as good as you think he is

don't generalize trust me some "Men" not just "guys" go beyond the looks and look for a girl with essence, the brain the intellect the culture. Beauty is important too because in a way it is our own perception of our inner beauty and from what I've read in your blog, you are one of the most beautiful people on earth.. Believe that and embrace it :)

EvaLuna said...

Oh Aseel Thanks!! Thats so nice of you ,,,, pray for a world where people see further than the tip of the iceberg :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

me needs examBlz of the 60-minute thingies

EvaLuna said...

خالصة بدهاش اكزامبلز .. لما تقرف اهلك و هي تسولفلك عن امها و ابوها و اختها و قلي و قلتلو فا انا رحت قلتلو و بعدين جبنا من المول شوز جداد عشان هدلاك ديئين .. فا طبعا بدو يظيق خلقو الشب