Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ahmad Said Something

Today Ahmad and I had our first proper and serious one-to-one class. As he revised the exercises with me he was pleased with my practice and he said and I quote:

تقوى أنا بتحدى فيكي .. بعد شهرين حا أجيب طارق يسمعك .. انا لسة ولا مرة جبتلو حدا من طلابي يسمعو

And I converted into this meme immediately!! 

Is he that sure that in two months I will be good enough to be presented to Tareq!!
First I was overwhelmed, then burdened with the responsibility but now I am simply happy and looking forward to practice.

I have the best teacher in the world :) After all  those years.


AseelRaheem said...

tieb w e7na kaman bedna nesma3ek! No pressure though take your time :)

Congratulations :)

EvaLuna said...

Soon Real Soon ... Beddesh alet anybody down heheheh :)