Monday, April 30, 2012

Deep Breath

For the last three months I had a lump under my right arm. I postponed examining it, I dont know why and with time I just said to myself  ´´If it turns out to be a tumor  , I will take it easy´´.

Today I went to the university´s clinic with Ahmad. He did not know why I was there but he came with me. I went in and the doctor examined the lump and she said it does not look serious, that it is a natural swelling under the skin and it will eventually disappear.

When I went out -and for a vague reason- I felt disappointed! It is not that I was welling to have cancer, but I had my feelings prepared already. When I went back to the waiting room Ahmad looked at me with his very big eyes and he did not ask. He just looked straight into my eyes.

For a vague reason too, I felt like crying infinitely.

But I did not cry. 

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