Monday, April 9, 2012

New Facebook Profile Picture

Nusaibah took this picture of me after we were done with our Fettuccine plates in "Sareena Snack". We had ''one of those conversations and I felt a terrible existential emptiness.
I posted the picture on my account with this caption from Darweesh's poem "Al Jidaryya":

وكأنني قد متُّ قبل الآن …
أَعرفُ هذه الرؤيا ، وأَعرفُ أَنني
أَمضي إلى ما لَسْتُ أَعرفُ . رُبَّما
ما زلتُ حيّاً في مكانٍ ما، وأَعرفُ
ما أُريدُ …
سأصيرُ يوماً ما أُريدُ

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