Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In my Very Own Bubble

I have always had my headsets placed next to my ears and covered with Hijab. But I have never listened to music while in class.
I did not do it for various reasons , mostly because I am always curious to hear what do the lecturer have to say, no one is ''full of crap'' , there must be something.
But today in Military sciences class I realized in the very first minute that the lecturer should have done anything but never should have addressed an audience. It is not something easy , nor is it something that everybody is supposed to excel at.

So , I turned on my Mp3 and I listened to this Oud piece by Maestro Ahmad Al khatib ,,, I repeated it a lot and I ws floating inside my very own bubble.

I was alone and happy and I kept my head fixed , although I wanted to swing it as the music took me away.

Listen to it. Its a bless 

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