Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New ID Card

Today I got a new ID Card. It's me first time to renew a card because the expired one was my first.
I remember when I first got that ID card that I said two things to myself:
1- It's the Governments first time to know my face.
2-What will happen in my life with me holding this ID?

Many things have happened actually. I got a Passport with which I went to Pilgrimage and to Spain 3 times. I even stayed for 4 hours in Rome!
I missed an election, but I could have voted if I were here. (Not that big deal when you see the surreal parliament that we got after that election).  

What will happen this time? It expires after 10 years! Many things can happen in 10 years. Will I get married with this exact ID? (this mere thought scares the hell out of me) Will I die? Do they need an ID for burial purposes?

For now, I got an ID and I can go to the bank and get my 45 JD payment that I got for teaching a course in January in the university. As simple as that! 

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