Monday, April 16, 2012

This Has got on my Nerves

I love Rajae Qawwas (who does not?) And those two episodes were really funny and they were a successful change in the rhythm of both of their shows, Rajae's show and Tima's show.

But on a different level the story line has got on my nerves. They portrayed a common love story that takes place in a company between two office colleagues. When the boy -Rajae- started analysing her as a ''date possibility'' he thought of her hair, her weight and her general look , therefore he decided that she is ''suitable'' and therefore he made his move.

As for her, she analysed his physical appearance then she checked his car , and so she accepted his move and they started going out with each other for the lunch break.

The way that the relationship evolves is merely disgusting. I know I know that I am such an irrealistic person -given the actual way of ''hitting it off'' with guys- but I still believe that there is something  in male-female relationships  more than just ''mating'' or ''filling a vacancy''.

Not every man is a possibility, not every woman is a possible prey!! I used to think that when I was a hormonal young stupid teenager, but now I know that people are just ''people we know'' until they prove themselves as something else (best friends, friends , acquaintances ... or Maybe the Love of Ones life) but this shoe-shopping method is preposterous (Sho-Shopping: Keep trying shoes until one fits).

At the end of the second episode (WARNING: Spoilers Alert) she tricks him into getting back together with her and proposing to her. And she insists on the example that: ''Men are like footballs, hit them against the wall and they will bounce back to you".

May I be mad with this reality?
Is is much when I ask for a man not a boy? a person whom you can rationalize with and not him so he will bounce back?
I can manipulate people (Oh Dear heaven I CAN) but I prefer dealing with them on human basis and treat as grown ups! Damn!


Haitham Jafar said...

بدون ضرب
I hated it!
بحس إنو تهريج و ما إلو فايدة

بالأول كان رجائي "مختلف" و نعم مضحك

بس الأمور -برأيي- صارت مسخرة
و حتى -برضو برأيي- جماعة بث بياخة فقدوا الحس الدعابي
يمكن لأنو كثير "ناس" دخلوا عالخط، ما بعرف
بس برضه يمكن لأنو زهقنا لأنو ببساطة ال"تنفيس" و الضحك فقد معناه عند بعضنا لأنو المسألة كلها مو ذات أهمية حقيقية فبنتحول عنها!

موضوع اللي تناولوه للأسف حقيقي
و السطحية في تناول العلاقات حاضرة

I think it`s loving the "feelings" of love not love itself, true love that leads and entails commitment , hence the sky-rocketing numbers of divorces in our beloved Jordan (+50% in 2010 , age group under 30!)

Um Ommar said...


أولن طنشي كل كلام هيشم لإنه بطعمش خبز

ثانياً الحلقات متل ما حكيتها رتمها كان عالي
برغم " بدائيه النص" بس الواقع اللي حولينا إنه نشوفه هيك شوفات

وفعلين,في بعض الأحيانات الرجال بحاجه إنه ينعمل فيه هيك حتى يرجع ل وعيه,حتى مقولة الطابة إلها حالات بتنطبق عليها حرفين