Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Third Liga goes where it belongs ,, now what?!

Barcelona WON The Liga and am the happiest :)

We saw it coming in the last weeks therefor it was not much of a surprise but its a huge feeling ,,, it has been 38 weeks of football and each one of them was great.

Now ...
I called home , just asking how they are and everything and my mom was like ''Oh Congratulations for your Barcelona'' ...

I love my mothers mocking tune, she has always told me that I get so stupid when it comes to football and I get too emotional although they dont know anything about me. Mom also talked about the guys in our neighborhood who went out to the streets honking , screaming and celebrating Barcelona's victory .

She got me thinking: Is it Ok?

Is it Ok for young men of a simple third world country Celebrate the winning of a football team in a far European country?

I thought about it for a while , and I came up with this:
My case is very personal and different. I am a Hispanist. I study Spanish , this is what I do , what I have been doing for the last 4 years and will be doing until for ever. I have lived in Spain , I have been to Barcelona - totally and stupidly in love with the city- and I feel represented by Spain in a way -a way that I cant totally figure out-.

Now the case of all other Arab people who celebrate it. Mmm , I think this has a lot to do with our need to ''win'' . Things like: Why have I always been a fan of the Brazilian team during all the world cups of my childhood? Simple: I wanted to be in a favor of a winning team.

Another deeper motive, some people -and we do exist- love to watch good football , its not about winning as much as its about enjoying the game and living a pure experience of pleasure throughout a football game. A thing that FC Barcelona provides each and everytime.

Now the cultural point: Do they care about us? No they dont.
This entire western culture does not give a damn about others. Not a personal things towards Arabs or something , they just think they are the only ones in the world. Its their thing , and I may say: Why bother wonder about what they think of us? We enjoy their football and thats it, everbody is happy.

Although in Barcelona´s case its different , why? Because the first thing Guardiola did after winning was dedicating the cup to all the fans all over the world. And because this clubs policy is ''Mes que un club'' More than just a club ,,, a message that may contain a political aspect to promote Catalonia as something that is not Spain. A way to reach up to the world. You know what? Each one can get his part of the cake as long as he/she works hard enough to get it.

Love and Peace

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