Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dia de La Cruz: Something Really Spanish

Today it was El Dia de La Cruz ''Day of the Cross'' in Andalucia. I tried asking some old people about the origins of the celebrations but there was not a very clear one. I think it has something to do with the arrival of spring , because this is when a lot of Andalucian celebrations are concentrated.

My friend and I wandered around the Plazas where people sang , ate and danced Flamenco. It was so festive and happy although the clouds were threatening us with a very good shower heheheh.
Those are the videos I took of many many wonderful dances they performed ,,, Flamenco just gives me goosebumps...

Here when they presented the song that I adore ,, La Reja ,,,, I san along ,, do you ever realize how nice it is to song along?

On the videos I was focusing in one dancer ... he is the tall slim guy in the pictures above... he is magical , his body has a charm and sends clear signals of beauty ,lust , masculinity , power and a huge well to live life and enjoy one sunny Spanish day.

But as the day was over and people went back to their places , as the crosses were taken down and the adornments were put back in the boxes Spain went back to being normal ,,,a normal place , with normal days far far away from that colorful shiny and happy stereo type.

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