Friday, May 20, 2011

Los Girasoles Ciegos

Well well well ,,, Its another Spanish movie that leaves me (lets see) leaves me confused. I dont know what am I supposed to think (I hate to use this phrase , but sometimes you feel like you were ''supposed'' to receive an idea that somebody else was supposed to send).

A priest falls in love with the mother of one of his students, who is supposed to be a widow. But the fact is her husband is still alive but running away from Franco , because he was a writer with an ideology that clashed with Franco. He lived in a hole inside the wall of his closet.

The movie had its great moments , when the child had to act like an orphan , and cover the existence of his father , and when the father cried and hit walls suffocating and longing to go out and see the sun light again.

The way the movie ended was disappointing -this is getting usual in Spanish movies- but Javier Camara is my favorite Spanish actor of all times. No matter how does the movie go , he just acts greatly,,, he lives the character to the limits and thats what really matters.

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