Wednesday, May 25, 2011

He is a total shame and we all pay for it!

I saw this article right before I went to bed. Why do I keep doing this to myself!!

So here is an article about a Moroccan woman who lives in Lleida - Catalonia reported her husband because he used to hit her and oblige her to wear hijab when she goes out on the street . She also said that he prohibited her from talking to people, looking them in the eye and not even learn proper Spanish.

Yeah , its sad I know. I hope no woman will ever be hit or treated meanly . I pray for that from the depth of my heart but when a piece of news like this one goes out all fingers are automatically directed towards Islam.

The news itself did not bother me as much as the comments beneath it. Now really , can poeple be THAT ignorant? That stupid? do they believe that an ideological system would preach hitting women and treating them as an inferior member of society? Who believes that? Where does people get the nerve to judge without coming closer to the case?

People just read the news and they were like: ''Hijab must be banned in Spain'' , ''France did well by banning this discriminating and segregating insulting symbol'' ... and the worst of all: Now tell me that all muslim women wear Hijab because they want to not because they are hit and held prisoners inside their houses if they dont.

I feel totally sorry for this woman , but I went to bed thinking about two things:
1- Did she think about me? Did she think about all muslom women who have to go out to the world everday fighting a very unfair steotype that insults them as entities. Did she think about us? did she feel sorry about us? I am not saying that I want her to be hit and sit back an take it. But I just wanna know if she thought about us , or she just went back the fake light of ''The Spanish Women Freedom'' .
2- What did go wrong in our thoughts, our understanding and application of Islam , what went that wrong in our societies that a man would feel comfortable laying his hand on a woman!!!
What went so wrong , so people act in a foreign country and not wonder one minute about the deformation of an entire nation that they are causing.

God I am so mad , I can go on talking for ever, but I am so sorry for my Islam. Its a great - I am not saying the greatest - life system, its coherent , its logical and full of love, still each time a stupid muslim person -every group has its bad sheep you know!- acts wrongly the entire dogma gets accused.

I stopped caring , long time ago about what others think , because in many occasions its almost impossible to make people even hear you , but Enshalla I will work along with my friends and my family to clean my our faith from corrupted ideas and Enshalla we will keep our Islams name as shiny as it should be.

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