Sunday, May 8, 2011

Malaga: Once more for the sake of the good old days.

Today I went to Malaga , maybe this would be my sixth time there. But the last time was six months ago ... i just love Malaga , not as a place to stay but an almost perfect place to run away to when I feel like running away.

I am almost familiar to the city ,,, familiar to the level that I can be in streets that I see for the first time, feel the enthusiasm and the challenge to find my way but I cant feel totally lost or disorientated.

We had nothing planned ,, we were just fine with doing anything that looks fun as long as I can be in a bar at 7 o'clock to watch Barcelona's game with Espanyol.

We got to enter the Cathedral for free ,,, It was Sunday and and there was a huge mass in the Cathedral because they were celebrating the day of groups of young Christian , followers of all churches around Spain -or Andalucia, cant remember- ... The Cathedral was full with young people who looked so happy singing along with the hymns .. I loved it, you dont see Spanish young people acting so devoted everyday ...
I loved this picture ,,, this street reminds of an old idea , or more of wish: Some places seem like that dont have nothing to do with Time ,,, they just step out of the big circle , in which everything is rotating ,,, Its a thing I feel for a millisecond , then it evaporates.
I am thinking a lot about Barcelona ,,, those seats are a copy of the seats of Parque Guell of Barcelona ,,, God how much I miss it ,, how much I need it!
I went back to the place where I used to eat with my dear friend Aseel ... I was looking at my mobile each moment to see if she called ,,, I wanted to be sure that she is gonna call but she did not till the end of the day.

We visited Picasso's house , I find a very touching and intimate thing to see an artists actual things ,,, For example , when I visited Lorca´s house I almost had tears in my eyes when I saw his bed and table ,, you know: The place where he used to actually sit and write in order to leave us the heritage he has left us
I cant believe that but I had the greatest time not visiting one but two museums with Picasso's work ... I got the audio guide and it explained about each and every piece ,which made the experience thorough , lasting and informative.

At night I watched the game in the stations bar , had Tapas that I paid for ,, Laughed a lot with the bar tender who kept making me think that I stepped in an invisible wire that effects the Tv Screen ,,,,Barcelona won and I was through the roof as always.
At night I passed infront of the station and had a conversation with a group of Mormon missionaries who were singing hymns in the entrance of the station , I got their book and a brochure about their message.

I loved and respected their hard work and the time and effort they dedicated to their belief , I hope we muslims would do half of what they do ,,, You know , standing proud in a busy Bus/Train station , talking to hurrying people about faith ! Thats just respectful no matter of we agree or disagree with the details of that faith system.

I watched the streets of Malaga stream through the windows of the bus ,,, This might be the last time for me there in a time that might be long ,,, We never know where the roads will take us , but its the jump of faith that makes me feel Ok about saying good-bye to a city of great memories and Enshalla I will find my way back in one of the coming days of my life.

Gracias Malaga ,, Te quiero mucho

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