Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am not a ''widow'' anymore!!

Remember this?

I have been a widow in my facebook account since forever. But those days I just have a huge feeling ,,, I am not in love, but I know it in the depth of my heart that he has not died ,,, my heart tells me its in Barcelona , its gonna happen there and I gotta get there.

I know that they are things that feel so true because we want them too bad. But I also know that some feelings come from beneath all expressible factors ,, its just this , you feel it in your heart and you know its true,, who cares if it is not at the end?

I know that I dont make any sense ,,, but this is the thing: I have not seen anything , nor heard anything but I have a huge feeling that the destiny of another city is preparing something to me ,,, its so clear inside my head that it flourishes inside my soul ...

God i cant believe that I said all that phony stuff!!

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