Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guardila is gay: How to get me to read till the last line

So when you google Guardiola , the first result that google suggests to you is ''Guardiola Gay''!!!
Its a very interesting article about the great coach , it talks about his style , the way he uses motivating speeches , music , literature and actual training to make his team the best team possible.

The article goes like this: Guardiola is too elegant , he loves to dress well (I would say: he is too well to be true) he does not swear , he does not take part in the testosterone battle thats usually taking place between the football machos and this is why people might tend to describe him as gay.

At the end of the article the writer comes to the conclusion that ''if you wanna call this style ''gay'' then yes Guardiola is gay''.

Now , after all this time here in Spain I lost the horror I used to feel whenever I heard the word gay ,,, its just a simple word that describes a tendency , nothing more nothing less, but still it surprises me how media here uses ''homosexuality'' as a weapon to break somebody.

Why? Is not supposed to be Ok to be gay? What about the mess that happened when Pique was ''convicted'' of being gay? I still dont agree that the matter was not taken more seriously (Pique just told the nice female news reporter: Would you like to come home with me and I will show if I am gay or not?) and the next thing we know , he is not dating any woman , bu he is dating Shakira!!

What were we supposed to think then? Who could help but think that she is just a cover story? and after all who are we -all of us- to be questioning peoples personal lives? What if they were actually gay , do we want football players and technicians to get out of the closet? Will they be able to use the same locker room as the rest of their colleagues?

I dont know what more to say , but that the word ''Gay'' gets any article hugely published and read. And that I consider it violence against men to consider them gay just because they love to dress nicely.

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