Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Queca , Carles Puyols sheep!

Crackovia is a show I watch for two reasons: Because I cant stop thinking about football and to eases my sport pains. Second because it helps me work on my Ctalan language.

I know am gonna read this after a while and I am gonna be like: What Catalan!! i never learned that ,, but yes , those days am trying - not my hardest but am trying- to listen and read Catalan in order to speak it some time soon.

At the beginning I had to do a lot of guessing , but with time I am solving the pattern by which Catalan differs from Castilian ... It just gives me great pleasure each time I finish a video and feel like I understood a great part of it.

So in an episode of Crackovia Carlos Puyol was trying to sleep but he was receiving continuous phone calls from Pep Guardiola making sure that he is sleeping and having some rest and not out there partying or staying up late. So Guardiola suggests that he counts sheep and so an actual sheep appears in the room and they call her Queca.

Afterwards Queca turns into a fixed character in the show , that Puyol said in an interview that fans ask him about her while he signs them autographs.

That got me thinking: How can people really go and talk to their celebrities if they get to see them in person? I would not!

I know its weird, but this is how I think it is for me. I really would not have anything on my mind to say and it would be awkward and then I will remember it each time I see that celebrity ever again ... Is not just nice that a Tv show has given Puyol a very human aspect and gave him a TOPIC to take care of when he meets people who love him , but dont exactly know him?

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