Saturday, August 20, 2011

Son of Rambow: The way We see the Other

Son of Rambow is a movie I watched surrounded with TOO many kids so I was not really able to hear the entire conversation. But it talked about a young boy who and his family follow a small Christian brotherhood that has some special rules.

They did not believe in arts , music , movies , watching Tv or mixing their kids with other kids.

The rest of the plot is not that important , but as I watched the movie I thought of the way the boys friends looked at him. They pitied him , they wanted to liberate him from his religious misery and they automatically acted in a way based on their sense of superiority.

The beliefs of the brotherhood were very vague and hard to understand for the others , and sometimes for its own follower.

At the end of the movie the brotherhood denies the family of the kid , but he is showed to us that he is still religious and a believer who reads The Bible every night and prays to Jesus and Virgin Mary , and the only modification to his faith was accepting art in his new lifestyle.

Although it might be tricky , I liked the movie. It made me see -in some way- how the other might see me ,being all different and -according to the other - weird.

But the question that stays is: Where do we draw the line between whats negotiable and what´s not in a belief? .... Being a Muslim , this is so easy for me , although it might not be as easy for a lot of muslims , but I find my peace in Quran and Sunna . But I will always think: How can I explain this to the other? Really really really , whats the best way for Dawa?

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