Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random Pictures as I made space in the memory card

I dont know what got into me , but lately I have been really slow in uploading the dozens of photos that I take. Today I uploaded those photos to facebook so I thought , why not share them in my blog too?

I am experimenting something , Ok two things : First How far can I go on heals without sitting down or kneeling on something? Second: Does a woman in heels sound more persuasive?
Dont make fun of that before you actually read into it! Actual experiments have proved this hypothesis true!!
I took this picture because I love this view , but this exact shot was because I was feelig awkward and wanted to look busy!
3 gums in a 2 gums pack!!! I have never seen that before :))))))))))))
My Niece ,, Farah
I love how Amman looks at night ,,,, mmmm and at day toooo :)))))

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