Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let the Good Times Begin :)))))

God I am so happy football is back!!!!

And not only that, but we also had a great start this season!!!

So today we had Iftar at uncle Sameh's place and then I stayed to watch the game. We thought it was at 10 , then thought it was at 11 and ended up watching it at 12 with my uncle and his family as my parents and all the other uncles left.

So , what do I have to say aout those 90 amazing minutes:

1- This bickering has to end in someway. It has happened many times until now that its causing shame to Spanish football. It does not matter who starts it - and its the whiny Real Madrid players by the way- but it has gone too far. You must win and lose like a gentleman, not go pulling peoples ears and go ''hahahahahaha'' when they get frustrated and push your back!

2- Pepe has to switch to American football to be in a good place , for his pushing and kicking abilities and for the sake of normal football.
3- I love Xabi , Go knows how much , but I miss Puyol so bad that I feel the cup is less beautiful because he is not the one holding it. Puyol is the soul of this team ,,, If he was playing today the fight would have been tinier.
4- Real Madrid's Main Problem: They dont have a Messi

It was a great game , and this season is gonna be great I know ,,, But Enshalla am not gonna get myself involved in the Facebook Madridista - Cule bickering contest. I love football , I hate fighting.

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