Monday, August 29, 2011

Although it Sounds Stupid: I am just Sayin!!!

Here!! I got my First Payment today although we are only half way through the course ....
Is not that cute? After all the economical bitterness I struggled with in Spain , I finally touch and smell some money that I worked for and actually feel that it will last for a while.

Really , Whats so wrong with euros? They DO disappear faster than alcohol!!!

Now , I believe in Fate and everything , and although it sounds sooooo stupid but i am just saying: Ever since I got my new shoes I seem to be getting money everywhere I go!!!

I dont wanna jinx it , but first I got my payment from the academy then , I was accepted to be a part of a translating team thats gonna be translating some serrious Saudi project to Spanish , then I was sent -by total chance and change of plans- to translate a business call between a Jordanian investor and a Spanish business man.

What else? Mashalla ,,,, Ya rabb Fill my life and effort with your mercy , let me be rich but dont change my heart and help me to help those who are less fortunate than I am ... Amen


Rain said...

allah ywajjehlek el 5air wain ma ro7ty
not only that they're cute they bring moneytoo,I want a pair lol

EvaLuna said...

teji? ITs gonna be cute to wear matching shoes ,, it would take our friendship to a whole new level :)))))
Thanks for el da3awi ya 5alti el 7ajje looool