Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Driving Over Lemons

This is a book I picked randomly from JU's Library.

Its a habit of mine to pick books without looking and try to fall in love with them , today I peaked a little bit and saw that it says in the cover:

السير على طريق مفروش بالليمون ... متفائل في الأندلس

and I was like: I am so taking this book ,,,, I have already started missing Spain and this looks like a good read for now.

At home I gave it a shot and before I knew it I was 50 pages away inside the nice nice story ,,,, Maybe another reader would not be as thrilled as I was -its a good book but- for me its like a postcard that was suddenly sent to me from a place that I visited and holds a dear dear place inside my heart ....

It takes place in Las Alpujarras de Granada ,,, the book is great , I downloaded it Spanish version and as I read something inside me wonders: can those who has never been to Alpujarras see what I am seeing? Feel what I am feeling?

A good book is a sign of good life. I am having one now :)

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Israa said...

. OMG.I have to comment.

As a freshman in JU I awarded myself oneday to pick a book randomely...

HEY it is the SAME ONE O.o

I felt awkward reading your post.

I felt as if i was destined to read it . I LOVED it very much . it has lemons in its title ( my fav. creation) and its about farms (my believed destiny)

I never thought this could happen to anyone but myself :))