Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maid In Manhattan: The Cheesy Good stuff of J Lo

Lately I have been deprived all my TV hours. Dad occupies the remote control watching news and some long long discussions on Jordanian Private channels talking about corruption and stuff. It is not that I dont like these things , I really do , but I also need my doze of stupid crap to go on with my life.

So today at my Aunt´s house I got to see a movie!! A 2 hours movie ,,, I was so happy for the simple idea of being able to do it without being interrupted hehehe

Now the movie is so ''Jennifer Lopez''ian!!! You know , where the nice and sexy lady gets to win at the end , but still it was so nice.

It explained one simple idea , simple but yet so hurtfully true: Will we love the people we love if they turned out to be something else than what we pictured?

I wish life gives me such a tricky coincidence though. Why such things never happen to me?

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