Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why does it matter so much?

I have always loved Buenafuente. Not liked nor adored but Loved Buenafuente. I talked about that in a previous post , but as always I make an ass out of myself as I show interest in a celebrity , simply because later on they are gonna stick their tongue to my culture. I never get used to that.

In this video he talks about Muslim countries where the cross in Barcelona's symbol is turned into a line. He says that that's stupid and he laughs a good laugh about it. I dont want to feel offended -I just stopped that long long time ago- but I find the whole topic so ridiculous, Why does it matter so much?

For me that was a topic of discussion for a while with my muslim friends in Spain. I have Barcelona's symbol everywhere: My mobile , E-book , notebook , Bus Bono Card , Laptop , blog and room. My friends were like: but that's a cross , and I was like: so what? Crosses symbolize Christianity which is a celestial religion that we respect , also it used to be a torturing machine and most of all its a work of art!! Crosses are nice so why be so paranoid about it? -Why even notice that there is a cross in the symbol? I did not until a guy draw my attention to it!-.

But now as Buenafuente brings it up I was like: Both parties are ridiculous, those who think we must keep the cross and those who removed it!

If FC Barcelona taught us one thing , then it taught us that football can unite the whole world , so why pick on the differences and fill nice things with negative feelings?

PS: I still love Buenafuente , but I think he would have been better off without this comment.
Love and Peace

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