Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mar Adentro

Today I rewatched ''Mar Adentro'' Which was the first thing I watched in Spanish 4 years back when I started learning the language.
At that time I read the subtitles and thought that they were speaking Spanish all the time, but as I watched it today I found out that a fine amount of the conversations was in Catalan and Galician too!

There no suitable words for this movie. It goes against my faith and my principles but still I love it like no other. I believe that life is a God given gift and we have no authority upon that , but at the same time I sympathized a lot with Ramon Sampedro who throughout the movie was asking for his right to put an end to 30 years of laying in bed as a result of being paralyzed.

The music , the poetry and the great green meadows of northern Spain are just my favorite place and thought. Listen to the poem above , it was written by Ramon Sampedro himself -I just found out that this is a true story!!!- he was a real great poet and he picked his way and we should respect that.

The movie always manages to stop my breath for a moment and this is why it might be my Favorite!

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