Monday, June 27, 2011

Newspaper Mind Notes

I have always had a deep relationship with the newspaper. Maybe I started reading it on a daily basis ever since I learned to read or right , given the fact that my Dad back in that time used to by 4 different newspapers everyday (Rai , Dustoor , Arab elyom , and some papers that disappeared now: Esha3b , el Aswa8 , El7adath ) and all the other weeklies -that disappeared as well after long long fights with the government and some credibility issues heheheh-.

It now comes to my mind that the first paper where I had a column was in a political weekly heheheh (Those things really happened God!!!) .. Anyway , for the last year as I have been in Spain I got a new newspaper related habit, which is reading being totally unemotional about the topics. When I read a Jordanian newspaper I feel for stuff , I get mad for corruption , I sympathize with my own home country (It is not that I dont care about Spain , but its no where next to my Jordan) .

Its really surprising to be back and get on that emotional roller coaster while I only read the paper!! ,,Today those two publications got my attention >>>>

Some father congratulated his wife for their sons success instead of congratulating his own son. I thought its so sweet of him. Men usually tend to say ''My Son'' when the son does something good , and they say to the wives"Your son ... " when the son does something bad.

Sara , said that maybe the wife he is referring to is a step mother.
Mama said this man might be one of those phony extroverts who tend to show off in every aspect of their lives ..... What do you think?
But look at this!! You build a Mosque to Brag about in the newspapers?I dont wanna be judgmental I am just gonna say: what a show off!!! :p

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