Monday, June 20, 2011

The Dragonfly: A weird though nice movie

My mom and I wanted to watch something ''silly''. Something that is not people being murdered in Syria , Yemen or Libya. We got to watch this movie. At the beginning I thought it was some stupid movie where disturbed souls come back and open doors and slam closets , but as I gave it time it started talking about the levels of consciousness that vary between being totally awake to being dead.

The protagonists wife is a red cross doctor volunteering in a very poor and remote zone of Venezuela , where she dies as her bus slides down a cliff and falls into a lake. Her husband keeps receiving signs from her and he gets to believe that in some way she might still be alive and asking him to come find her.

After having conversations with patients in his hospital who came close to death , he takes a trip to Venezuela to visit the place where she allegedly died. Showing the primitive people of the tribe of that area a picture of his wife , they lead him to a tent telling him: We could not save her body but we saved her soul (I was like: OH some bullshit of ''she is always gonna be with you in your heart Bla bla Bla) but as he entered the tent he found a baby girl! His baby girl , that his wife brought to life before she died.

I dont know , its a weird movie , but I loved the sequence of actions , the love and faithfulness he showed to her memory. But most of all I loved a phrase he said : '' What she taught me in death is what she taught me in life. To trust, to have faith. Because as a friend of mine once said, it's belief that gets us there" .

Its Belief that gets us there.

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