Monday, June 27, 2011

Photographic Thoughts after a day out :p

Today I went to the university just to hang out with Sara. I took those pictures

This is paper stuck on the bus' windshield ,,, It reads: Dont be my friend , but be honest with me.
It just summarizes everything.
This is a picture of my university's administration. This building has International Relationships Office.
Years ago we used to go to that office a lot. I used to take the stairs -because by then I still had the fear of elevators- and go to the 4th floor to ask if the european scholarship has selected the students who are gonna travel to Spain.
We used to go full with hope , we wanted to go together -we needed a miracle for that- and for me I have always had the feeling of impatience longing to take the first plane and leave.

I was totally thinking: ''anywhere but here'' ,,, I wanted to be in Spain , but also wanted to be anywhere possible.

Today I had to deliver my boarding tickets to the office and although I tried , I found no interest in me to go near the stairs. I knew that my heart has changed when I gave the boarding´s to a friend who was going there , and I sat down looking at my university feeling so pleased to be finally:Home.

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