Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pique: One more thing we had to give up for Israel

I read the news and it just let me down.

Pique visits Israel along with his girlfriend Shakira , and his picture infront of the ''Wailing Wall'' appears on the page of Marca -my favorite sports journal of Spain- .

There was a lot of polemics regarding the matter. People started cursing him on his official page on Facebook , other Israeli fellows praised him and thanked him for the visit and I just sat there.

I m not gonna go like: ''Oh Pique , we now hate you , you are no longer a star in our eyes'' because all of that is bullshit. He simply does not care. Nobody cares about our love and appreciation , so taking this love away is not considered any kind of getting it back at him.

I am just gonna say that he does not know -among other things- what being an Arab or Palestinian or Muslim means. No one actually knows what it means to be a part of a refused nation. We are refused , the whole world sees us as terrorists , oppressed , old fashioned and undeveloped. No matter how hard we try the world just gets around our efforts and goes on with its stereotype.

Its hard to be us. Its tiring to walk in our shoes. Artists insult our nation , politicians also. Every person feels that he or she has the right to have an opinion about us. We have no respect as a nation ,no intimacy and this is why we are talkative , loud and emotional.

We love football , we find consolation in it , we love FC Barcelona . No body in the world loves it as much as we do , but yet , they dont leave us not even that.

We are deprived the right to be passionate about a game , because we send passion to the world and we get back insults. We get back misunderstanding of our simple human rights. Whats is so hard to understand in ''Israel kills our children on daily basis ,dont shake hands with the killers'' what is so hard about that?

Soon the world is gonna go on , people will forget , people always forget , but thanks to the bright actions of our beloved defense (Defense! How Ironic!) Gerard Pique , we are reminded once more that we cant even love, because we are not loved back.

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