Saturday, June 18, 2011

Changing the Cultural Chip

I am at home. Yohooooooooooooooooooooooo

It feels funnily comfortable!! I expected arriving to Amman totally tired from the trip, but I was fine , not even sleepy. I thought that time change would kill me like it did the first two times that I came back , but it did not. And dont tell me its only one hour of time zone change , sun rises and sits with some big fat differences between Jordan and Spain ,, but alhamdullilah this time I did not feel a thing.

Things were like I expected them ,,, maybe the ''coming back process'' is no more a mystery for me. I know how to ''perform'' the hugs and kisses and how to pick up my things and just get in the car and go home , and what to do at home to feel right.

I dont really know why am I this way , but I dont feel a thing when I see people that I have not seen for a long time, not even my own parents. I dont tell them , it hurts them and they would not understand how it works inside my heart. I realize how much I have missed someone after going back to the usual rhythm that we used to have ,,, I realize the place reserved for him/her in my heart when they say something that they used to say and nobody else has told me ever since. I dont know how to explain that exactly , but yes: my daily hugs are way much warmer than my ''welcome back hugs''.

Besides that things at home are so smooooooth!!! I dont look back at all , and even when I do I just dont miss anything. I now know how is it to be back , I dont expect all the friends whom I have met there are gonna keep in touch so I get no disappointments and I just love being back.

Jordanian coins are big , food smell is great , the bathroom has a water hose and toilet paper is so white!

The first time I came back from Spain I was homesick to Granada and wanted to go back. The second time I came back from Spain I was so homesick to Jordan and did not want to go back to Granada. The third time I came back I feel as Ok in Jordan as I felt in Granada and this is why I feel so balanced and relaxed.

Alhamduliilah for everything.

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